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Cabaret Channel Paradise 10 years of Cabaret!
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For almost ten years, the whole team of the Channel Paradise cabaret, from the artists to the technicians, has been working in harmony and with the same ongoing enthusiasm to turn your evenings into a glamorous dream.


« Our passion for the magic of Cabaret meets your wishes for dream and magic »

Each year the Channel Paradise creates a new show for your eyes delight and brings you the best of the traditional French “cuisine”.

Our productions are famous and acclaimed as a major event in the world of cabaret in northern France.

The Channel Paradise Cabaret

Channel Paradise

Avenue Saint-Exupery
62100 Calais - France
Tel : 00(33)3 21 34 34 22
Fax : 00(33)3 21 34 06 32


150 cars
10 buses


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